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A list of characters who appear in I Am Setsuna.

Main Characters[]


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Sub Characters[]


Char Hapsper.jpg

Hapsper is an old swordsman who works as a mercenary. He has a philosophical, somewhat detached view of the world, but seems to have taken an interest in Endir, though where he heard about him is uncertain. He is a mysterious man, and apparently lives off nuts and berries, like a woodland animal. According to an anecdote from a traveler, when asked why he only ate nuts and berries, he gave this riddling reply: "Food is not the only thing that fills one's stomach."


Char Raishin.jpg

Raishin is the father of the sacrifice, Setsuna. He was once a well-known magic user, and his unequaled magical energy seems to have been inherited by Setsuna. A man of few words, he is sincere and diligent, and is trusted deeply by the people of the village. Although it is difficult to imagine when looking at him now, in his youth he was quite hotheaded, and was often going off on reckless adventures together with a certain partner in crime.


Char Lutius.jpg

Lutius is a member of the Magic Consortium. He is an inquisitive man, and seems interested in the sacrifice's party. He devotes his time to concocting medicines, a job at which he is said to be one of the best out of all the members of the Magic Consortium. However, due to his inquisitiveness and passion for his craft, he is also known to concoct forbidden medicines, and is often being warned sternly by the consortium about this.


Char Freyja.jpg

Freyja serves as captain of the resistance in Purikka. She appears to be quite old, but her exact age is unknown. She is a brave and peerless swordswoman, and in combat uses the two swords she carries on her back simultaneously - a technique she has not even taught her student Nidr. She will sometimes climb the watchtower alone and stare out pensively from it, and not even Nidr has been able to ask her about her past.


Char Avalo.jpg

Avalo is the lord of Floneia Citadel. He is the successor of an ancient noble lineage, and was taught about what makes an ideal leader since childhood by his father, Dinas. He places great importance on his people, but also seems to bear a grudge against his father and dislikes living in his shadow. He once said to an aide: "Succeeding my father is akin to succeeding a throne of ice, I must sit on it, and sit on it I will."


Char Dinas.jpg

Dinas is the former lord of Floneia Citadel. He is a good-natured and compassionate man, but possesses a will of steel. As lord he would stand at the head of his troops giving orders, never allowing a single monster to make its way inside the town. However, during one especially relentless attack, his focus on protecting his people was so great that he neglected to protect his own family, and ended up losing his wife, This tragedy seems to have left him feeling in-debt to his son Avalo.


Char Akash.jpg

Akash is a shipwright working in Floneia Citadel. He is the only man alive known to be capable of flying an airship. Although he greatly respects the former lord of the citadel, Dinas, he does not seem to think too highly of the current lord, Avalo. He is an undeniably stubborn man, but also a very loyal one. He adores airships above all else, and hopes to one day own one of his own.


Char Hydor.jpg

Hydor is the chief of Hiddbury. He is calm and composed, and it takes a somewhat philosophical view of life. It is customary for the people of the village to transfer their magical energy into the Spritnite Pillar, in order to reduce its burden on their bodies and increases their life spans as much as possible. However, Hydor transferred just half of his energy, and still possesses the remainder. This signifies his readiness to risk his own life in order to save his fellow villagers.


Char Tor.jpg

Tor is Kir's elder brother. A highly talented magic user, he was considered a child genius. HE did not transfer his magical energy into the Sprinite Pillar like the rest of the tribe, and instead left on a journey in search of a better way to extend the life spans of the rare-bloods. Along the way, while doing battle with a monster to protect a village he passed through, he apparently sufferred a grave injury. He has been missing since, and his current whereabouts are unknown.


Char Nanase.jpg

Nanase is the sacrifice whose guard Nidr previously served on. She is Mana's elder sister. Although her sister was a lively and outgoing person, Nanase was the exact opposite: quiet, and always keeping her feelings bottled up. Her magical energy was extremely high, and most monsters posed no threat to her. The true threat to her life was perhaps the weakness in her own heart. She hid the fact that she was ill, and this illness progressed during her pilgrimage, eventually taking her life.


Char Cornelius.jpg

Cornelius is an elderly knight, and the most trusted retainer of Julienne, the leader of the knighthood of Royburg. A man of great loyalty, he places the utmost importance on his duty to Julienne, to the exception of all else. In his younger days, he swore to never take a wife until their kingdom was restored, and he is still a bachelor today. He apparently feels no regret over this, however. He is a calm man, but can easily become very emotional when it comes to Julienne.


Char Lilus.jpg

Lilus is a young man who lives in Royburg. He has been friends with Julienne since childhood, and seems to have a cursh on her. Being the shy man he is, though, he has never been able to confess his love to her. As a child, when exploring around the village together with Julienne, the two were attacked by monsters. He attempted to prove his bravery by protecting her, but failed, and the two were only saved by Cornelius in the nick of time.


Char Sayagi.jpg

Sayagi is an elderly healer who lives in Gatherington. She is highly respected by the people of the village, and her medicines have saved the lives of many of them. Her age belies a great magical energy, and she is particularly well versed in healing magic, her knowledge of which is unparalleled. However, she seems somehow dissatisfied with her life. She was not originally from the village, and came from somewhere far away, which may somehow relate to her discontent.


Char Mana.jpg

Mana is Setsuna's mother. She set off on her pilgrimage when Setsuna was very young, leaving her with her father, Raishin. Her magical energy is said to be the greatest of any of the sacrifices. She was a cheerful and carefree woman, but could also be extremely careless. However, her devotion to other was remarkable, and she would often put other people above herself. She has strong spiritual awareness, and was sometimes able to glimpse into the future.